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 Greatest Hits Videoke       

To us, John is not only a great singer/songwriter. He also is a great entertainer and an important teacher. And that is something which he even more proved in concerts and interviews than on records. If we wouldn't have had the help of friends all over the world, for a long time going to a concert or watching an interview when he was in Holland would be the only way to experience that, since there wasn't anything available on video.
But times are changing. Nowadays there are a few movies of John available on video, there are quite some video tapes from the Windstar symosia, there was the Portrait video, the Wildlife video and now also the Karaoke video. We're very pleased with all of them. But of course we still hope for more.
The karaoke video has two parts: the first part is a registration of a 1994 concert in Melbourne, Australia. On this part John sings 14 songs, and introduces most of the songs by telling about the inspiration for the songs. The second part of the video John and his band play 16 songs, but for the singing you have to take care yourself. To help you with that, the lyrics of the songs are shown on the TV.
    The Songs 

01. Sweet Surrender 
02. Take Me Home, Country Roads 
03. Back Home Again 
04. Leaving On A Jet Plane 
05. Rocky Mountain High 
06. Fly Away 
07. Annie's Song 
08. Grandma's Feather Bed 
09. For You 
10. I'm Sorry 
11. Is It Love 
12. In A Far Away Land 
13. Calypso 
14. Poems, Prayers & Promises (*) 
15. Rhymes & Reasons (*) 
16. This Old Guitar 

(*) Karaoke only

In A Far Away Land

John sings this song in Mandarin. You can find more about this song, which is also on the 5-CD box, on Rory's pages.


The band


The interviews


The Karaoke


The video is distributed by BMG Entertainment International Asia Pacific with numer BVVP-146.
We bought the video from I.D. International Disc. They have an great collection of John Denver items from all over the world.