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World Wide Web Family
of John Denver
" ... And the moon and the stars
Are the same ones you see ..."

  THE provider of info about John on the Internet is called "Rocky Mountain High", maintained by Emily Parris. There is a lot of info on John and JD-related subjects. You must have been there at least once in your lifetime. 
  Free Spirit is the official UK fanclub of John Denver. The Internet pages are maintained by John Thorogood. Say Hi from us when you speak to him.  
You will find info about "Free Spirit", many concert reviews from Johns tour in the United Kingdom and a page with quotes from JD songs.
These pages are really art. SunnSpririt has illustrated a number of songs with some beautiful pictures. We're sure you'll love the pages, as much as we did.
Rory Young has a number of pages available for you; you can leave a message for other JD fans; you can search for words in lyrics; you can vote for your favourite song or album; you can tell about your thoughts about a particular song; you can do... almost everything. Find out for yourself...
If you are a guitar player yourself, this is the place to be. Fabio Zucca has the lyrics and guitar chords of over 100 songs on his site. 
Another expression of real art. The story of the Jetplane Trilogy is beautiful expressed by Vicente Coll i Ramon. 
We think you can't resist to go to the page after seeing the logo on the left side. Can you?
  Gregory Levin pages contain The Visually Enhanced John Denver Discography and The Other John Denver Discography 
There is a special channel where you can chat with fellow JD fans. On this page, maintained by Mar Hoppe, you can read how to connect to the channel. 
John Denver Multi Media Center  Listen to soundbytes from the WildLife concert and watch lots of pictures on Gary Keck's pages 
Nico Stokman pages  Another fanpage from Holland, maintained by Nico Stokman
Site for the Dreamers  Maybe not really a fanpage, but you certainly will enjoy the pages of Jeroen Holthuysen.
Amazon - Let This Be A Voice A beautiful AVI file from Australia
Friends of John Denver A new club from the United Kingdom. 
European gatherings  Conny and Margit are organising some gatherings in Germany. 
Webpages   If you still haven't found what you were looking for, this site gives you an ever greater list of John Denver sites. We've spent a few hours here to visit all memorial sites. 
And oh, we do have a special page for Dutch fans ourselves Click hier voor de (minder uitgebreide) Nederlandse versie



You know that Johns talent does not show only in the music business. We feel Johns environmental concerns are a major part of our commitment to his music. These are two projects John founded. Have a look to know where they stand for. 
Sony's JD page Sony has a few pages available concerning the Wildlife concert. You can listen to a part of "For You"