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John Denver Quiz

He came looking for the answers to some questions on his mind
Seeking truth and understanding, in the hope that he would find
A way to better serve his brothers and his sisters in the sun
Sharing all that he was given, giving all to everyone

It amazes me, and I know the wind will surely someday blow it all away
It amazes me, and I'm so very grateful that you made the world this way

Do you feel you're a true John Denver expert? Do you have an answer to all questions one could possibly ask you? Well, let's see how you're doing with these questions.
On every question more than one right answer is possible. You may send in the your answers if you like. Everyone will win a price: your name and the number of right answers will be mentioned on this page!
This is our second quiz. The questions and answers to our first quiz are still available. Please feel free to send in any additional answers.
1 As you will know, John was a fine guitar player. OK, that's an understatement. 
Do you know any other instruments John has ever played (please state also when he did)
2 This picture was taken from a televised concert in 1976 in "The Talk Of The Town" in London. We feel every concert John has given should be broadcasted, but it is not. Can you tell which concerts have ever been on TV?
3 "The kisses that I live for". What about the songs in which John sings about kisses? 
4 John mostly performed alone. But there are some people with whom he sang together. Tell us who and when and where.
Mail your answers to

The True JD experts

This place is reserved for those of you who will come up with the answers to the questions on our mind.

Christy Wesselman came up with 9 answers on October 13th
1.  John also plays piano on the song "For You"
2.  The Wildlife Concert, Aspen Concert
3.  Annie's Song, For You, I Remember You, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Back Home Again
4.  Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Aspen Concert, Starland Vocal Band (Baby You Look Good to me Tonight - Spirit Album

Rick Legg came up with 1 answer on October 23rd

I had the privilege on October 15, 1977, to see John Denver at the old Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan.  It was the very first World Hunger Concert that was setup by the late Harry Chapin.  It was Chapin and Denver that got the whole thing going.
The concert was more than a classic. It included John Denver, Harry Chapin, James Taylor, and Gordon Lightfoot. Gordon Lightfoot's lead guitarist was there also. That was it. That was the band. These legendary singer/songwriters performed with each other; they did backup vocals for each other, and simply left a mark in my being that will never see an equal.
I was very fortunate to have front row seats for this concert in the round. The stadium held about 20,000 people in the stands (it was the former home of the Detroit Red Wings), and about 3,000 more on the main floor. The night is a night that will live with me forever.

I just thought I would write to you, and tell you about that very special night.

Rick Legg
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thanks very much for your story, Rick.

Carol Bittner came up with 1 answer on November 15th

Did you know that John sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Logan Utah at Utah State University in the 1980's.  I'll have to look up the date.  It was in conjunction with his fight agaist world hunger.  I sing in the Tabernacle Chior, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Just thought you might like to know.

Thanks very much for your story too, Carol.
Karolin Benford came up with 40 (!) answers on February 10th
1.  John played banjo (All Aboard),
     piano (For You, A Wild Heart Looking for Home),
     autoharp (in concert - Berkeley Woman)
     fiddle (in concert - Thank God I'm a Country Boy),
     bass drum on the Carpenters' TV special

2.  Televised concerts - the Wildlife concert, Live at the Apollo Victoria

3.  Songs with kisses:  Grandma's Feather Bed, Back Home Again, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Casey's Last Ride, I Remember You,   Goodbye Again, For You, For Baby (for Bobbie),  Country Love

4.  With Alexandre Gradske & Moscow Symphony Orchestra (Let Us Begin);
     with Snowmass Dickens Carolers & Aspen Children's Choir (Merry Christmas Aspen! lp);
     with Michael Murphy (Swans Against the Sun; Mansion on the Hill);
     with John Stewart (Survivors);
     with Starland Vocal Band (various lps, TV specials);
     with Mitchell Trio (Mitchell Trio Reunion concert);
     with Frank Sinatra (John Denver & Friends TV special; Sinatra & Friends TV special);
     with George Burns (TV special);
     with Susan St. James (I've Been Everywhere);
     with Robby Benson (Late Night Radio);
     with Tina Turner (Downhill Stuff);
     with Glen Campbell (Don't It Make You Want to Go Home);
     with Roger Miller (Chug-a-lug);
     with Johnny Cash/Glen Campbell/Roger Miller/Mary Kay Place (I'll Fly Away);
     with Joanne Woodward (Getting to Know You);
     with Karen Carpenter (Coming Through the Rye/Good Vibrations);
     with Olivia Newton-John (Fly Away);
     with Sylvie Vartan (Love Again);
     with EmmyLou Harris (Wild Montana Skies);
     with Dennis Weaver (Hollywood Freeway);
     with Placido Domingo (Perhaps Love, Julie Andrews Christmas special);
     with Julie Andrews (Edelweiss);
     with many other artists (Music for Unicef: Put a Little Love in Your Heart);
     with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (And So It Goes).
    That's all I can think of without my records/notes!