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John Denver Quiz

For our paths have come together now, where do we go from here?
Will our differences divide us, must we always live in fear?
For there are things that we must move through, some things to cast aside
But our father watches over us, our mother will provide
It amazes me, and I know the wind will surely someday blow it all away
It amazes me, and I'm so very grateful that you made the world this way

Do you feel you're a true John Denver expert? Do you have an answer to all questions one could possibly ask you? Well, let's see how you're doing with these questions.
On every question more than one right answer is possible. You may send in the your answers if you like. Everyone will win a price: your name and the number of right answers will be mentioned on this page!

1 We wouldn't dare to ask you a list of all the songs where John plays guitar, but what about the songs John plays the piano? How many songs can you mention?
2 This picture is about 20 years old. It shows John playing with one of the members of his band at the time. Could you give a list of members of his band in that period?
3 John starred in a few movies. We haven't paid much attention on our pages about these movies, but we will do so at some time or another. In the mean time you can win points by telling the names of people who co-starred with John.
4 John usually sings in English. On some occasions even that is not so sure. Do you know any other languages John ever sung in?

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The True JD experts

Henry Smiley came up with 27 answers on April 21st
1. The songs where John plays the piano
Seasons of the Heart, For You, Falling Leaves, All This Joy, Love is the Answer (The Wandering Soul), Tennessee Waltz
P.S. John has sung "Tennessee Waltz" at a number of U.S. concerts, mostly in the mid-80's. I heard him sing in 1985 in Memphis.

2. Members of Johns band in the mid 70's
John Sommers, Steve Weisberg, Dick Kniss, Hal Blaine, Lee Holdridge & orchestra, and sometimes Herb Lavelle.

3. Co-stars in Johns movies
George Burns, Teri Garr, James Read (Walking Thunder), Cindy Williams, Martin Kove (Higher Ground), John Rys-Davies, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy.

4. Languages in which John has sung
German, Chinese, Japanese, French (not sure), Spanish ("Annie's Song" at the Miss Universe Pageant in 1985), Russian, Gaelic.

Jacqueline Bos came up with 16 answers on May 9th
1. The songs where John plays the piano
I Want to Live; The Refugees; It's about Time; Is it Love and Different Directions.

2. Members of Johns band in the mid 70's
Taylor; Holdridge; Kniss; Weissberg; Sommers; Levell en Blain.

3. Co-stars in Johns movies
George Burns

4. Languages in which John has sung
Japanese, Russian and German